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NYT Discovers Iraqi Election

New York Times Pay Per View

More Iraqi Surprises for the Left

Did American Indians Trespass?

Nativity Scenes

Paul Mirecki's Vanishing Credibility

The True Meaning of Christmas

I Have Nothing to Say

Tookie Williams's Last Lifeline

MSNBC Headline: Scientists create mice with human brain cells

Iraq Strategy: Vindicated

A Phone Conversation Overheard

Does Mirecki Have a Tort?

Paul Mirecki Suing KU (Video)


Mirecki's Intolerance Runs Deep

Moonbat Overconfidence

Mirecki "Beating" A Hoax?

I Confess . . .

Then She Was There Again

Global Warming to Blame for Global Cooling

Prof. Paul Mirecki: Anti-Religious Bigot

Idiot Design Professor Beaten

Saddam's Dream Team

It's a Festivus Miracle!

I Hate Howard Dean

A New Home for Senator Kerry

Great Symposium in St. Louis

Gratuitous Latin


Thanksgiving and Work

Punish Cardinal Mahoney

Modern Liberalism is Satanic


Letting Go

Bush nominates Bernanke as next Fed chief

Anne Rice Return to Rome

Teenage Drivers and Divine Interventions

Prince Albert Pujols

A Word (or Two) to the Wise Catholic

One World Day of Prayer

U.S. Bishop Urges Action on Darfur Crisis

Rita Prediction

Susan Komen and Planned Parenthood

Follow-Up to Shocking Coldness

Pope to Promote Tridentine Mass

Big Thanks to Dawn Eden

Shocking Coldness

Another Sort of Confirmation Hearing

No Small Task

What Kind of Cross Am I?

I am Joan

Happy Birthday, Ace

Social Engineering in Louisiana

Atheists Fight Prayer For Victims

Sean Penn Saves New Orleans

Planned Parenthood Diverting Katrina Relief Money

Saints Among Us

William Rehnquist: RIP

How Low Am I?

Joe Scarborough: 'National Disgrace'

Total Political Failure

Homeland Insecurity

New Orleans Mayor

Bright Outlook for American Generosity

Grim Outlook for the Big Easy

President Bush

Anheuser-Busch Helps

Times-Picayune Bugging Out

Open Homes for Katrina Victims

God Bless the People of New Orleans

Firefox: Worse than Opera

Roman Catholic Frat

Cowardly Teacher


What God Knows

Another Alternative for Latin Mass in St. Louis

The Catholic Order of Things

My Friends are all in Heaven

What Women Want

Lines That Grow On You

United Nations: Guilty As Charged

Peter Jennings: RIP

Liberator of Women

Christianity Headlines

Major Changes to Liturgy


Two Novenas in One Day

Paul Krugman Caught in Another Lie

Very Bad News for Discovery Crew

Al-Qaida Websites Disappeared

Early- and Late-Term Abortions

Protestant Terrorism in Ireland

Frankengate II **UPDATED**

Where's the Retractions?

We Should All Be Pro Ecclesia

The Way It Is

Time to Launch NASA?

Time to Annex Canada?

End of Irish Violence?

Al Franken Starves Poor Children **UPDATED**

I Believe in Miracles

Gloria in excelsis Deo! (Maybe)

The Roberts Hearing: A Marc Goodman-Bill Todman Production

Division of Labor

Lt. Gov. Knoll "Apologizes"

Dick Durbin: What's It Good For

Should Worship Embarrass?

Stephanie Klein? Huh?

A Democrat Without a Conscience

National Cancer Institute Buries Abortion Link

Canadian Bishops Demand Resistence

United Nations Pushes Abortion

Wither Cephas

Martyrdom in Canada

London Attacked Again

Thanks for Favors Granted

John Roberts Jr: Excellent Choice

Boston Public Schools: Too Far Gone?

Weeping for the New Jerusalem

NARAL: Not only Satanic, Cowardly

London Bombers Photo

Powerful Witness

The Sickening Dutch

Boston Archdiocese is Way Out There

Another Lefty Priest (UPDATED)

Health Experts Need Second Opinion

Santorum vs. The World


NARAL--Satan's Slaves (UPDATED)

The Altruistic AARP

Christopher Hitchens Summarizes Jihad

How Sad

And, finally tonight . . .


Only Idiots Like Michael Moore

Margaret Sanger--Hitler's Advisor

Jewish Rapper Accepts Christ

Higher Education Television

Ward Churchill

Here's to Britain


Speaking of Fear of God

Is America Worth It?

UCC Encourages Homosexuality

Open Letter to Archbishop Raymond Burke

What If Mass Were About God?

Benedict's Books

Peter's Digest

Stem-Cell Fraud

Eat Your Heart Out

Thank Denzel Washington

The Death of Cardinal Sin

Beating Up on Anglicans?

The Greater Danger

Cambodian Midget Fighters

Liturgical Rants

I Used to be the Expert

Perpetual Adoration

Something New

Opportunity Lost

Tonight in Guatamala

Round and Round with Fr. Joyce

An Abyss of Mercry

But for the Grace of God, Part II


Another Miracle

But for the Grace of God

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy



In Gratitude to Tom

A Conversion Story

A Little Miracle

A Beautiful Sight

The Whole Banana

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ear Plugs

Four Women

Prayer Request

More Stupid School Tricks

An Explanation of Mary

Send in the Pigs

Joyful Surprise

Our German Shepherd

True Love

Fear of God

Peace Prayer

Avoid Symbolism

Why Have a Church

Pope Benedict XVI

The Stock Market

Ethanol, Now

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Hennessy

Planned Parenthood Anthem

Abortionists for Birth Defects

Ward Churchill in San Francisco

The Eighties are Over

Peter Jennings: Get Well Soon

A Great Writer

John Paul II Random Thoughts

Too Many Deaths

John Paul II: Live Blog

A Uniquely American Killing

Seattle High School: Principal Responds

Thank You and Good Night

Easter Scare--Dangerous Car Repair

Destroy Google

Easter Thoughts

Every Wonder About My Leadership Style?

Read This

They Shoot Elk, Don't They?

Breaking: Terri's Parent Try Final Fla. Supreme Court Appeal



Police vs. State Confrontation Averted

Help Prevent a Murder

More Evidence Against NYC Educators

Enough Killing Already

Terri Schiavo Asked to Live

FBI Arrests Man for Contract on Judge Greer

Live Blogging Schiavo Press Conference


Diabetes Charities

After Oil

UN Baby Steps in Sudan

Terri Schiavo and Extraordinary Efforts

Good Friday Activities

Ward Churchill Letter

FEC Declares First Amendment Unconstitutional

Seattle High School Anti-Military Day Follow-up Letter

UPDATE: Seattle High School Anti-Military Day

Last Word on Terri Schiavo?

Winter Weather

The FEC vs. the Founders

The Minnesota Killer

Disbelief or Anger?

Default Theme Changed

American Idol . . . oops!

Two Promises

The Corner on National Review Online

Deadly Blast Rips Through Lebanese City

Experts vs. People

Why Can't Teachers Write?

Happy Birthday, Jack

Food and Forgiveness

Bullies and Murderers

Man, Curb Your Wife

Attacking God for Fun and Profit

Seattle High School Anti-Military Day

Thanks to Right Wing News

Terri Schiavo Hearing at 3:00 ET

Latest Terri Roundup

Want Terri Schiavo to Die? Then Read This

Only if You Have Time for God


Iraq War: Two Year Anniversary


James Joyner Joins Culture of Death

What's Right for Terri Schiavo?

McGwire's (Nearly) Hall of Fame Career


Grant Her Peace

Mark McGwire: A Sad End to a Great Career

Person of Interest in Custody

Erin Go Braugh!

Letting Murder Prevail

Run For Your LIVES!

Big Words From Little Men

Raise Me Up the Food Chain Day

My Mistake

Eat an Animal Today

Hotties for Freedom

Blogrolling is Down--Again

The Atlanta Killer and His Savior

Bwah Hah Hah Hah

Apologies to Dean Esmay

You Must Read This

World Magazine: Blogstorm (Corrected Links)

Without the NHL

Holy Tantrum

A Solution to the Enemy Combatant Problem

EU vs. CIA

An Environmentalist Attacks Environmentalism

Blind Mind's Eye: A challenge to social conservatives who are upset by the Supreme Court ruling on executing minors

Those Shirts

St. Patrick's Week Begins!

What Condi Said

Light Blogging

Today's Assignment

Yahoo! News - DNA Evidence Found in Judge Killings Case

These Kids Today

Spirit of America Update


From Order Comes Chaos

Delenda Est McCain?

Another Senate Hypocrite In Trouble

Winning One for Democracy

Robert Byrd: A History of Abusing Power

Dogville: A Movie Review

MSNBC: Iraqis Turning Against Insurgents

Update on Missing Florida 9-Year-Old

Ward Churchill's Boss Responds to My Request

How Do I Say This . . .

Democrat Admits Democrats Pulling for Terrorists

Big Unions = Liberal Activism

NHL For Sale

Uday Plotted Coup?

No Free Internet in Texas

Dear Senator McCain:

What Do the MSM, the DNC, and Atheism Have In Common?

McCain-Feingold Outlaws Blogging?

Senator (Grand Wizard) Byrd

Chris Matthews vs. Jed Clampett

Newsweek Buys the Bush Doctrine

If Houses were Software

The Supreme Court and Death Penalty

Trackback Problems

Jessica Lunsford

Howard Dean: the left's own Little Eichmann

Lefties on the Death Penalty

Hennessy's View is #8

Do We Need a National Collegiate Academic Association?

DemocraticUnderground: Hypocrites With Zeal

NBC Ridicules Catholics

Dennis Rader

Blogger ADD

Sudan: The UN's Current and Next Disaster

Newt Gingrich Makes Excellent Point

A Day Without a Churchill Story . . .

Vaccines Run Amok

Bind, Torture, Kill

South St. Louis Catholic Church Closings

Is There No End to Ward Churchill's Phoniness?

Condi Watch: Oprah's a Fan?

Liberals Never Tire of Running Others Lives

Thanks for the Links

David Corn Calls Howard Dean Dumb, Stupid, . . .

Chris Rock Questions Frivolity of Abortion

Blogroll Reciprocation

No Child Left Behind Unconstitutional

Does Ward Churchill Own the Word Wrong?

Holy Mother of Ethnicity! Ward Churchill's Not an Indian!

WHO (not the band): Flu Pandemic Coming!

Mark Steyn on the Suicide of the West

Must Read

Majority Ready for Woman President (Condi?)

Don't Monkey with Good News

What the 9/11 Commission Actually Said

UN Goes Blogging

Fox News: Indictment in Plot to Assassinate Bush

Request for Background to U of C Board of Regents

Ward Churchill's Tenure and Chair Obtained by Lying

Peaceniks in St. Louis: Much Ado About Nothing

Lefty MSM Back Slapping

Bush Shows He's a Diplomat

AARP in the Crosshairs

Anti-War Movement Hates US

Hard Right Republicans For African-American Woman President

Flu Pandemic Coming?

Hip-Hop Politics

Blogroll Fairness Doctrine

I Could Have Told You

Hunter S. Thompson: RIP


Ruud Lubbers Resigns

St. Louis Weather

DemocraticUnderground on Bush Tapes

A Real Newspaper

George W. Bush On Tape: The New York Times

Yet Another UN Sex Scandal

Dean's World - Idiot Dean Supporters

Bill and Georges

Liberalism's Dark Valley

Prayer for Dean Esmay and Family

Beware the Man in the Middle (recycled)

Opposing Black History Month: It Isn't Just for Redneck Racists, Anymore

Howard The Mouth and His Foot

More Envirofraud

Howard Dean

Wow--My Neck of the Woods

Greenspan Endorses Private Investment of Social Security

Kansas Camels?

Syria and Iran

Senator Arlen Specter Has Cancer

Light Blogging Today

Hey, is my blog 5 Years Old?

Some Social Security Facts

Left Files New Pledge Suit

Thought Police Patrolling College

MSMs Get Ugly

Google To the Left

More UN Peacekeepers Jailed

Why International Government Is Dangerous

Flu Shot Fever


Journalist Union Plans Blog Protest

Breaking News: Ward Churchill Changes Ethnicity

More on the United Nations

Rockwood School District

How Dean Thinks

Free Book

Strict Construction or Original Understanding?

The United Nations of Evil

Eason Jordon and Alger Hiss

How will the press handle Dean?

Postage Just Got More Fun

Finally, A Wristband I Can Wear


Predicting Ward Churchill

Rafsanjani Seeks Common Ground with US

Liberals Still Leaving

The Simpsons vs. Good and Decent

Eagles Two-Minute Offense

Janeane Garofalo: One Human Being Too Many

Howard Dean Can Smell the Leather

For the Record

It's Anheuser-Busch--As Usual

NY DA Preparing Indictment in Oil-for-Terrorism Probe

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FLASHBACK: Al Qaeda Resorts to New Tactics

Social Security

Will Annan Go Down?

The Idiot Professor

Another Anniversary

Rice: Europe Ready to Move On

General Mattis

Churchill Debate on Protein Wisdom

Belated Anniversary Post

Schwarzenneger's Popularity Back Up

It Must Be a Slow News Day

Trouble Heads Churchill's Way

Zarqawi: Sooner than Later

Ward Churchill

What to Think of Chairman Dean

Terrorists Kidnap American Soldier Doll

All Liberals Are Smug, Condescending Bastards

BBC Admits Lie . . . er, Error

Thanks to the Military

Iraqi Terrorists Use Disabled as Bombers

Blogroll Pruning

You Gotta Love Marines

Great . . .

The Left on Iraqi Elections

Better Than Expected

Dean vs. NYT

A Surprise Feeling

Hennessy in a Toga

Democrats' Litmus Test

Justification of Taxes

DU Claims Pentagon 9/11 Strike was a Hoax

48 Hours

The More They Stay the Same

History Test

Anti-American and Democrat

It's a Crime Only When Conservatives Do It

When a Democrat Calls You a Liar, Is It a Compliment?

WebHost4Life is Awesome!

Johnny Carson, RIP

My Wife Is Beautiful

We're On a New Server

Americans Hopeful for Bush's 2nd Term

Conservative Black Democrat from South Carolina

67-Year-Old Gives Birth

Dean Demands DNC Chair

Master/Detail Dropdownlists Without Postback

Latest Community Server Build

The Ram's Best Friend

State of Fear, Part Two: Environmentalism

Mann's Hockey Stick Theory of Global Warming Categorically Debunked

Boston Liberals vs. The People

2004 Review

Predictions 2005