An Abyss of Mercry

Never, I am sure, has a mortal man sinned so skillfully, consistenty, and entertainingly as I. Oh, Lord, You know that I am the leader among sinners. I can resist anything except temptation. (Hat tip to Wilde.)

And yet, You forgive. In the abyss of Your fathomless mercy, You find a way to forgive me for my transgressions–my creative, evil, flesh-thrilling transgressions.

How do I repay You? An eternity of homage would be too little.

Take my heart. Seize my soul. Guide my feet down the path of Your wise will. Wherever You shall send me, it shall be my gift to go. Whatever challenges You present me will be my pleasures to overcome. Whoever doubts me is Your gift to me. Those who scorn me make me more like You. Oh, Lord, send them now. Send men to scorn and revile me for loving You.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end.