DemocraticUnderground: Hypocrites With Zeal

The drooling juveniles on DemocraticUnderground took time out from praising terrorists, defending rapists, and seeking relief for child molesters to decry the White House’s use of a nine-year-old to promote Social Security Reform.

Here’s a sample of what the losers are saying:

1. exploiting children…yup, that’s family values, alright….

Why, pray tell is the mother allowing this? It is one thing to encourage your child to read and develop their own opinions, but to allow others to exploit those earliest opinions of childhood (which most of us may recall, DO change over time)….

3. This bumptious little brat needs a spanking

I won’t discuss what his parents need. I would get tombstoned for extreme obscenity.

Seriously, people who use their kids as propagandists are scum.

10. Awesome, I Wonder When…

we will be having a 9-year old out stumping for the death penalty. These people have no shame. NONE!


13. it’s pathetic to be exploited by one’s parents

And I seriously doubt “Mommy” in this case ever WAS a democrat.

23. The GOP have a 9 year old James Guckert/Jeff Gannon? How nice

of this childs parents. To let their offspring prostitute for the Bu$h family evil empire. Just when you think the GOP can`t sink any lower. They prop up some little boy from their evil abyss. Users and abusers sure defines the repukes well.
Al Gore is My President

Never mind that liberals have used children as political tools for years. (The Daisy commercial?) Never mind that liberals are systematically taking over the education industry for the purpose of indoctrinating young minds. Republicans are evil because they use a live 9–year-old to demonstrate mathematical facts.

How about a quick round up of recent commie-lib exploitation of kids:

JS Online: Voter drive using kids draws fire

Hundreds of public schoolchildren, some as young as 11, are taking time out of regular classes to canvass neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine in a get-out-the-vote effort organized by Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund - a group whose umbrella organization has endorsed John Kerry for president.

Environmentalists Exploit School Children

( - An environmental group dedicated to “protect[ing] the rainforest” is under attack for recruiting public elementary school students to protest the lending practices of a major U.S. bank in New York City._

Anti-War Leftists Exploit Children to Advance Cause

The Ithaca Catholic Worker, a communist offshoot of Ithaca’s local Catholic Church, put a shy pre-teen girl named Leah Grady Sayvets in front of a local television camera and began asking her questions about the war on terrorism. The exchange between a middle-aged female reporter and the little girl went as follows:

Reporter: “Let me make it easy. If someone does something violent to you, should you strike back at them?”

Leah: “No. I think you should talk to them and see what they think is wrong. What they have—what’s wrong…”

Reporter: “So you think it’s better to talk out problems?”

Leah: “Yeah.”

Reporter: “Do you think George Bush is acting like a bully on the playground.”

Leah: [Giggles] “Yeah.”

But it gets better. In this very thread in which liberals decry the use of a 9–year-old boy, they turn right around and look for a 9–year-old girl to counter-exploit.

7. So…Why don’t we Dems find a clever little 9 year old girl to challenge

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the little brat to a debate? Otherwise this kid is going to be all over the airwaves and get huge attention…a Media Star for Bush.

Anyone have a bright 9 year old kid who would volunteer? I thought of a female, because it would have more PR value but any Dem 9 year old would be great.

19. I nominate that cute little Wexler girl who wanted to put Cheney on in

time out. I think she’s about twelve or thirteen, though.

21. Hey, she’d be perfect … give it that OLDER sister “beat me up”

whiny little brother image to their little snot nosed brat boy … yes, THIS IS GOOD!

Democratic “powers that be” - are you listening?!?

27. I could just picture two 9-year-olds in a debate

They’d just sound like the Republicans on the House floor!
Did not! Did too!

I know a clever 10-year-old boy who hates Bush with a passion. I have a mind to recruit him–he’s very argumentative and doesn’t lose many arguments–to counter this little brat!

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UPDATE: Another DU poster demonstrates that political correctness ends at the doors of the Democrat party:

Who said this little kid is smart? I think he’s a bit on the retarded

side because he wants to be pretzeldent when he grows up.
Anyone with an IQ of a chimp and plenty of money can do THAT, as
opposed to say a physicist.

UPDATE: You just knew that the Daily Kos would have to spew some lies about the kid. And Talking Points Memo continues its marathon against doing anything but sitting around in a catatonic freeze