Attacking God for Fun and Profit

Lee Seigel of The New Republic has a very low opinion of people who believe in God, and lower opinion of people who read and writes books about God.

Feel the contempt–the smug, liberal superiority–dripping from Siegel’s pen as he describes the advanced state of insanity that causes us to have faith in something other than the press, government, and academia: The New Republic Online: Preaching to the Choir

So Warren’s book, read by 20 million of the Christian faithful, had its origin in Frankl’s book, which had its origins in Auschwitz. Twenty million people are so lost, and so confused, and perhaps so profoundly malleable in their desperation that they need both to hear affirmation that angels are real, and the psychological advice of a man who based his theories of how to cope with ordinary neurosis on what he believed was the state of mind necessary to survive a Nazi concentration camp.

Mr. Siegel goes on to explain that those of us who believe in God would vote for a mass-murderer before we would vote for a liberal:

Smith won over Nichols because she was a broken person: “I don’t think that a socialite or a squeaky clean could have done that.” “Squeaky clean” means a Gore, or a Kerry, guys who are also socialites, and married to socialites, and who followed all the rules. Insofar as they agree with Smith’s aunt, the 20 million would be more likely to vote for Brian Nichols than for a Squeaky Clean who might make them feel bad about themselves.

I hope Mr. Siegel was unaware that his words would find print when he wrote them. Clearly, Mr. Siegel is laying his own defense for a future murder rampage: I picture him loading up on thousands of dollars of ammo and weapons, purchased with a book advance check, and marching into the Crystal Cathedral to kill all those nasty, Imagination-fearing Christians.

Near the end of his psyshotic episode, Siegel concludes that we Christian cheer murder because it’s God' will:

For the 20 million, these abstract 4 seem to be expendable in the vast perspective of God’s purpose.

I suppose we should all hold an anti-God demonstration. Perhaps that would make the venerable TNR television critic happy.

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