Better Than Expected

The headline of Iraq’s first free elections. Better than expected. Less violence than feared. Higher turnout than anticipated–over 60% nationwide.

Ah, lovers of freedom and self-determination, savor the moment. When the statues of Saddam fell, the world laughed. But when the people voted today, the gods smiled. This, like our own election in 1788, the election today is the first true exercise of freedom in Iraq.

Sure, John Kerry can only decry the lack of “international community” participation. John, the Coalition of the Willing IS the international community. We have supplanted the United Nations, a corrupt and irrelevant Cold War relic.

I am thrilled. There’s not much more to say. Once I saw the chubby Iraqi men dancing and singing to a tambourine at Detroit polling place, I knew the result of the election: freedom won.

Others are saying things worth reading, though. Try Dean Esmay, Steven Taylor and Steven Taylor, Outside the Beltway has this and this, and, of course, if you want to laugh at life’s losers on DemocraticUnderground check out this miserable banner of poor sportsmanship, which I’ve summarized here. Perhaps this photo on InDC says it all. Michelle Malkin has a good round up of women voting in Iraq.