Open Homes for Katrina Victims

To Register for Homes for Katrina Victims #

Please register at

The information you provide will be used exclusively for coordinating this effort, should your kind services be required. In the meantime, we are praying that no one needs our help.

Sincerely, Bill Hennessy

UPDATE: I am experience technical difficulties with my database server. (Of all nights.) In the meantime, Nancy has graciously enjoined us to coordinate any kind of efforts on her wiki. Please do what you can there. In the meantime, will notify everyone who’s contacted me via e-mail or comments when I have the site up. Not sure when that will be.

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As I have begun recieving gracious offers of open homes for Katrina Victims, I will launch the web site tonight. In the meantime, I have contact FEMA, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army to find out how we can coordinate with them to get displaced families and individuals into safe, dry, private homes until their lives can be restored.

Here’s the text of my letter:

Sir or Ma’am,

In response to a proposal on my blog (, I am receiving many offers from people, like myself, willing to open our homes to long-term displaced persons who lose their homes and livelihoods as a result of the hurricane in the Gulf states.

I am going to set up a web site on which others who would like to open their homes to victims may securely post their contact information. Please let me know how we can work with you. Though many of us are several hours' drives from the Gulf Coast (I live in St. Louis, MO, others are in Florida, southern Missouri, Arkansas, and various locations), if a person or a family faces complete loss, they may need to temporarily relocate outside of the disaster area. Consider us distant relatives, even to these strangers.

I will also contact the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross regarding our offers. You may contact me at [phone] or by replying to this e-mail address.

Cordially, Bill Hennessy

The people who are huddled in the SuperDome as their material lives are torn to shreds are, of course, the poorest of the poor among the richest in history. They need our help. As in so many disasters, this is an opportunity for long-term good. As Fulton Sheen taught, the rich need the poor more than the poor need the rich. The poor need the rich for material goods, but the rich need the poor for salvation.

Thanks and God bless those have already responded. Thanks to InstaPundit and to Michelle Malkin for drawing attention to this effort.

May Almighty God bless them and keep them close to his fatherly heart, and may He send forth the Holy Spirit to give them strength and to open our hearts to renewal through loving charity.