A Surprise Feeling

I just saw the tape of Condoleezza Rice’s swearing-in as Secretary of State. Behind her stood her mother and father.

Rice came into the world during segregation in a segregated Alabama. Unlike Madelaine Albright, who discovered she was Jewish when a Jew in the cabinet migh help her president, Secretary Rice has known her life that she’s black. In Alabama as a girl, society didn’t let you forget.

Ms. Rice follows another African-American in the highest cabinet post of the most powerful country in the world. Think about that for a moment.

Now, think about this. When a Democrat woman accomplishes so much as passing a kidney stone, the media go berserk with stories about women doing great things. When a Jesse Jackson manages to speak in rhyme nonstop for 20 minutes, the MSM hail him as the greatest genius of all time who’s overcome everything to achieve . . . whatever it is he’s achieved.

Under a Republican president, two consecutive African-Americans, one a woman, succeed to the office of Secretary of State, and the media can only mention that Barbara Boxer hates one of them.

Sorry, folks, but the double standard among the elite in this country is sickening. I feel like an American Indian woman in 1862.