Bush Shows He's a Diplomat

Newsday.com: Bush Suggests Chirac Is ‘Good Cowboy’

In his first European trip since re-election, President Bush displays remarkable statemanship.

Balancing between firmness and friendliness, the President places American interest first, yet he undeniably wins friends on every stop.

Sometimes, timing is everything, and the President dares to admit such:

_“This is the first dinner since I’ve been re-elected on European soil, and it’s with Jacques Chirac. And that ought to say something. It ought to say how important this relationship is for me, personally, and how important this relationship is for my country,” Bush said. _

Chirac, who led European opposition to liberating Iraq, now says that France and the US have “ties between the two countries that have been excellent for over 200 years now."

The left hopes against hope that Bush will somehow launch World War III while in Europe. It ain’t gonna happen, any more than Kerry won the White House.

James Joyner tries to picture Jacques Chirac as a wrangler.