Ward Churchill's Tenure and Chair Obtained by Lying

Last week, Steven Taylor brought up the fact of Ward Churchill’s very thin credentials for his chair and tenure at University of Colorado. Taylor also noted that UofC waived some normal requirements in the process, namely demanding a PhD. Now we know that the left’s favorite nut case obtained both tenure and chair of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado by lying. He convinced UofC that the University of California system had offered him professorship in American Indian studies, causing Colorado to rush his tenure through.

In fact, Churchill was never seriously considered for a professorship at California, according to Rocky Mountain News:

“He wasn’t really a serious candidate because of his lack of credentials,” said George Wayne, a former vice president for student academic services at California State University, Sacramento.

“The lack of a doctorate was one factor,” Wayne said Monday. “Also, he wasn’t writing learned articles - they were advocacy articles that could appear anywhere.”

I wrote some time back that this guy is a fraud out to make money. The lefties at UofC who croon at his every, deceptive word make mockeries of themselves and the sham of a University school they attend. Like Colorado’s fantom NCAA Football Championship, obtained with a phony touchdown that never crossed the plane of the goal line on fifth down, the Ethnic Studies Department vaporizes when exposed to the real world.

Perhaps Colorado will give me a PhD based on my life experience and a cashier’s check for $5,000. That’s all Barrington University requires. As Steven Taylor presciently noted in his blog on Churchill’s tenure, “this sounds utterly bizarre and an unacceptable way for any university or college to conduct business.”

Via Jonah Goldberg.

UPDATE: Steven Taylor must have been typing simultaneously with me. His blog today is of surpassing import, given his credentials in academia.

Another UPDATE: I just found this on Insane Troll Logic and must share.

Still another UPDATE: Steven Taylor kind of takes Jonah and me to the woodshed for declaring “Churchill Lied.” I understand his point, and have offered this on his web site.

perhaps I could have written “I believe Churchill Lied.” I do. He continues to lie about his Indian ancestry. His official statement denied content of his essay on 9/11. His history is thick with lying for personal gain. Hinting to an employer than another employer is offering you more money, seniority, whatever, is lying, at least if the one implying permits the the one inferring to act upon that misinformation.

As a hiring manager, I refuse to match offers. If someone comes to me with a resignation and says it’s because of money, I politely accept. Only once has it turned out the person was lying to get a raise, and our CEO saved his hide over my objections, forcing my resignation as a matter of principle.

Either way, Churchill permitted his employer to act on his behalf based on erroneous information which Churchill undoubtedly knew to be erroneous. That’ dishonest no matter how sliced.

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