Planned Parenthood Anthem

All the world seems in tune On a spring afternoon As we murder a fetus in the womb.

Maybe we’ll do-in A newborn to two-when We murder a fetus in the womb.

We’ll slaughter them all amid Laughter and merriment Except for the few We take home to experiment.

Yes, the sun’s shining bright, Everything seems alright As we murder a fetus in the womb.

We’ve gained notoriety And caused much anxiety In the Vitae Society With our games.

They call it “Impiety” And “lack of propriety” And quite a variety Of unpleasant names.

But it’s protected by Corpus Habeae To want to dispose of a ba-bay.

So if Sunday you’re free Why don’t you come with me And we’ll slaughter a baby in the womb.

We’ll chop it with rotors And flip off the voters When we murder a baby in the womb.

When mom sees an ultrasound She thinks it’s infanticide But with new legislation Her worries will soon subside.

Yes, we’re cheering the law As we suck out its jaw After killing a baby in the womb.

For more pro-choice absurdities, see “And Rightly So” (Thanks to Donegal Express)