Bill and Georges

The New York Times print edition has a delightful story about the new friendship between George Bush 41 and Bill Clinton.

Some of was pretty harsh on Clinton during his presidency, and I’m certainly in that group. But a friendship between the president’s father and predecessor is good for everyone.

George H. W. Bush, a terrible politician and so-so leader, is a wonderful human being. Bill Clinton is a man of no real political convictions, endless charm, and endearing wit. Most of my disagreements with Clinton dealt, not with his liberalism, but with he lack thereof. If liberalism is, indeed, bookless and dying, Clinton deserve much of the blame. It was his triangulation that gave us welfare reform, the most important legislation in half a century.

We’ve heard the George 43 and Clinton also enjoy one another’s company. Perhaps their human bonding will defrost some of the rancor in Washington. That, too, would be a very good thing for everyone.

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