Why International Government Is Dangerous

The hamburger giant, McDonald’s, sued two lefty idiot activists in England for libel after the pair distributed pamphlets accusing McDonalds of starving the Third World, deforestation, and killing people with poisonous food. McDonald’s won the libel suit.

But wait . . . liberals don’t lose in courts in Europe. So the wackjobs–Helen Steel and David Morris–appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in, where else, France. That court ruled against Britain for failing to provide the couple with massive, expensive legal assistance.

The Strasbourg-based court ordered Britain to pay them a total of 35,000 euros ($45,400) and offer them a retrial. Britain has three months to appeal the decision.

In its ruling, the court said the denial of state legal aid to the defendants, a part-time barmaid and an unemployed single father, had skewed the case from the start.

Folks, this is why Bush was right to stay away from the International Criminal Court. These multinational government agencies are mini-dictatorships forcing liberalism down the throats of people in other countries.