NARAL--Satan's Slaves (UPDATED)

The Satanic National Abortion Rights Action League (SNARAL) is now picketing crisis pregnancy centers to try to intimidate pregnant Christians into committing murder. No, I’m not kidding, and neither is the Dawn Patrol where my wife found this sickening story. Please read the entire blog and follow the excellent links. They will help contribute to pro-life organizations trying to counter SNARAL’s murderous designs.

One of these demons enjoins us to “See how beautiful we looked.” Yes, indeed. Eva Braun beautiful. As pretty as Hitler’s feces. As enticing as rat poison. As desirable as bone cancer. Ms. Amy Jennings, the narcissistic infanticidist who draws our attention to their “beauty” does not know how lucky she is to be alive. If abortion ever dies in America, it will do so because the off-spring of murder-supporters will have been egg-beaten and sucked out of the womb before inheriting their parents' murderous desires.

Recently, I blogged about the NARAL’s “Screw Abstinence” party in Washington at which the infanticide cult hopes to increase the number of abortions by feeding alcohol to the young and encouraging them to fornicate with strangers.

We are not to wish other ill. But I will pray tonight that God do something to prevent NARAL’s employers, partners, and supporters from participating in even one more slaughter. I don’t care how He stops them; I just pray He does.

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UPDATE: Museum of Left Wing Lunacy has a fantastic follow-up to this story, conveying a conversation with a NARAL representative.