Cowardly Teacher

I have a child who suffers from many neurological infirmities. He attends a prestigious school district in St. Louis County, Missouri. Several times, I have expressed my disappointment in the way some administrators in his former middle school, from which he has since matriculated, handled his problems.

For his privacy, I never referred to the child in question as my son. I never used his name. And for their privacy, I never named the administrators with whom I disagreed. Apparently, though, my discretion was not appreciated by someone claiming to be a teacher at that middle school.

Today, he or she lashed out at me and at all parents who dare to criticize educators. Moreover, he or she published my son’s name (which I have since deleted), violating the trust we place in teachers who are privy to sensitive medical and personal information.

I have notified the district’s superintendant, but he says that finding the culprit will be impossible. (The teacher made the comments from a district computer according to my web logs. That teacher was logged into that computer, and the network’s firewall cache will have a copy of both my web site and the teacher’s comments. ) I have also responded directly to the teacher in the comments of this blog.

I tried to e-mail the person directly, to take the debate out of the public forum. But the teacher is a spineless coward who gave a phony e-mail address and used a fake name. Of course. Rarely to those who are right, honest, and truthful hide behind false identities. But liars, cowards, and thieves love to disguise themselves. They are the weak, the back-stabbers, of this world. They are the people who kick out the crutch of a cripple, then pretend to help them.

To that cowardly Rockwood teacher who published my son’s name and who goes by the pseudonym “Your Worst Nightmare,” you know where I live, you know my name, you know what I think of you. I sincerely forgive you for any offense to me, but your crime against my son you will have to take up with him or with the Almighty. I pray that God forgives you, and that He sends the Holy Spirit to renew your heart and stiffen your spine.

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