Jewish Rapper Accepts Christ

According to Religious News Service and Christian News, Jewish satirical rapper, 50 Shekel, after viewing Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” has accepted Christ Jesus as the Messiah.

Messianic Jews, like Christians, believe that Jesus (or as they refer to him, Y’Shua) was the expected Messiah. Though they claim to be following the true Judaism, mainstream Jews are nearly unanimous in rejecting the idea that Messianic Jews are Jewish, and many believe them to be Christians intentionally targeting Jews for conversion.

“A lot of people are stuck in (Microsoft) Windows 98,” he says. “The New Testament is Windows XP. It’s 2005. I have no interest in Windows 98. I upgraded. This is where we’re supposed to be right now. I am a true Jew on course.”

Let us pray that the ecumenism toward Jews started by John Paul II and continuing under Benedict XVI will lead more of our elder brothers to realize that our Messiah has come, was killed by and for our sins, is risen, and will come again in glory.

H/T Relapsed Catholic