Seattle High School Anti-Military Day Follow-up Letter


We have been active in demanding action from the Seattle School Board over a disgusting political ambush of American service members last week.

Upon further review of the letters and e-mails issued by the Seattle School Board and Susan Derse, principal of West Seattle High School, I am determined to garner a more substantive response. Specifically, I expect every adult involved to apologize directly to the ambushed service member and to all members, veterans, and their families. Moreover, I have asked that the school board investigate Ms. Derse’s history of anti-Troop activity and indoctrination of students.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin (who has posted information about her phone call will Major Thomas), Kate, T. Swain, and the others supporting this effort.

Here is today’s letter to the school board. I will post any response I receive.

Dear Board Member:

Having checked into Ms. Derse’s history of anti-troop attitudes, and having received complaints from readers and bloggers about the lack of identity of the “advisors” who apparently encouraged your students' anti-American and anti-troop exhibit, I realize that you have failed to do the following:

  1. You have not apologized to members of the armed forces.

  2. You have not identified the persons responsible for this activity.

  3. You have not explained how military members and veterans will receive fair treatment in the future.

The fact that you have the opportunity to indoctrinate children into a radical, anti-American mindset does not give you the privilege. Your students have a history of anti-social behavior, no doubt in part attributable to the mis-education they receive in your schools.

I’m sure you all oppose federal intervention in local school board decisions. I doubt, though, that you oppose federal funding of local school districts. So long as our federal tax dollars flow into your district, your accountability extends, not to the parents or property owners in your district, but to every tax payer in the United States.

Many of those tax payers sacrificed greatly for this country’s freedoms. I spent 9 years in the submarine force and 2 in inshore warfare units in the Navy. I have heard from the wife of a brave Marine who is serving in Iraq and who know Major Thomas, a victim of your ambush. I have heard from several other Marines and veterans who will not accept the board’s boilerplate response. Those of us who have served, and the spouses who made our service possible, didn’t do it for the big paychecks; we understand that freedom is a threat and target to totalitarians.

When our tax dollars fund anti-military and anti-American indoctrination camps disguised as public schools, we will not rest until those schools are fixed, the miscreant teachers fired, or all federal funding cut off.

I continue to encourage my readers and fellow bloggers to demand corrections to Seattle school attitudes.

Cordially, Bill Hennessy

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