Is America Worth It?

Yeah, I know. But when a major news network (NBC) equates America’s Founders with Usama bin Laden and the only people to react are conservatives, maybe this great experiment in self-governance has failed.

It seems to me that the only remaining battle is The God Fearing vs. Everyone Else. If I have to die for something I believe in, better God than the people who watch NBC news.

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

And Michelle has more today, including Williams’s defense: he claims he could not have been calling the Founders terrorists because the word “terrorist” hadn’t been invented in 1776. (Of course, the French invented the term to describe themselves.) I suppose he really is stupid as he looks.

The word “idiot” wasn’t invented until about 1300, but that doesn’t mean idiots didn’t exist prior to that year. For that matter, no modern words existed 25,000 years ago, yet we have names for things that predate written language, don’t we? And my guess is that, were someone from the 500 AD to be transported to America today, at about 6:32 PM EDT, he’d look at the amazing moving picture thing in the corner of someone’s livingroom and re-coin the phrase “idiot” as Brian Williams reads the news.