Will Annan Go Down?

Looks like Paul Volcker’s investigation of the UN Oil-for-Terrorism scam is closing in on Kofi Annan.

Investigators probing alleged corruption at the United Nations oil-for-food program are scrutinizing thousands of pages of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s documents, including e-mail and phone records, to determine whether he exerted influence in securing a contract for a Swiss company that employed his son.

Previously, Volcker’s team had cleared the elder Annan of wrong-doing in connection with the scam which diverted billlions of dollars intended to releive the suffering of poor Iraqis into the pockets of Saddam Hussein and his sons. “There were things that came along that threw us back,” Volcker said in an AP interview, explaining why Annan is now in the center of his team’s spotlight.

Who else will have a popcorn, beer, and a big grin watching Kofi Annan’s perp walk?