DemocraticUnderground on Bush Tapes

Steven Taylor wonders how long it will take the left to claim the Wead tapes were manufactured by Karl Rove.

The answer: Not Long.

I strolled the DemocraticUnderground forum today. (Strolled? No. Jogged. Churchill said, “when you’re going through hell, keep going.") Here’s what I found:


Given the author and its less than revealing information and a veiled attempt to portray this dangerous man(*) as “one of us,” this is one of those stories that has probably emenated from the bowels of the Heritage Foundation with the heavy guidance of Karl Rove.


My first thought EXACTLY = KARL ROVE, master baiter!

The Dog Fish:

I agree it’s just another Rove-esque maneuver


Some of you on this thread are not getting it. This jerk was on ABC News this morning already. ABC whores for Bush every chance they get. This is propaganda at its finest trying to set Bush up as a “regular guy” for the sheeple that worship him. Don’t buy into how this is “exposing” Bush and his marijuana use. I’ve hear some of his supporters say things like “well, it doesn’t matter what he did in his youth” though these are the same stupid people who ragged on Clinton for it.

So DUers are hard at work spinning Doug Wead’s book hawking scheme into a Karl Rove conspiracy, complete wtih ABC news (George Stephenopolous) participation.

Un-freakin-believable, as Jack Nicholson might say. I still don’t understand why these people weren’t part of the St. Valentine’s Day Suicide Party.


George W. Bush on Tape