Liberals Never Tire of Running Others Lives

You can’t make this stuff up. Over at the DemocraticUnderground, they’re seriously talking about regulating salt. You know, the stuff you put on french fries. Why? Because, unless you’re a liberal slumming on this site, you’re too stupid to know how much salt to put on your food, poor thing. You don’t think they think you’re stupid?

Some wretched creature had the audacity to say this to the Dems who want to keep their salt:

Just because you whine about them [food regulations and taxes], doesn’t mean they don’t make sense in the abstract. Putting a tax on foods with a high fat content is one way to recoup costs externalized on society by their manufacturers.

Maybe if you studied a little more economics and watched less TV, you might understand what Jacobson is talking about.

Back in the 1970s, there was a frightening commercial depicting future man as a human head with no body in a box being moved around by humanoid, white robots. If the DNC had its way, that man of the future would be you tomorrow.