2004 Review

Thanks to St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz for giving me some categories to score. More New Year’s posts at OTB

Biggest Bust: Howard Dean fell from coronated Democrat nominee to historical hiccough by screaming like a WWF nut after getting trounced in Iowa. Is there a more embarrassing position than Deaniac?

Honorable mention to John Kerry.

Biggest Boom: The United States economy. While EU countries trudge along with 10% unemployment and flat growth, the United States has begun a fundamentally solid and sustainable rally that will continue for another 4 years. Thank tax cuts and American spirit.

Biggest Loser: Terry McAuliffe. Every move he made–from denouncing The Passion of the Christ to promoting Michael Moore–backfired on his party and its candidates.

Comeback of the Year: Rush Limbaugh. After his painkiller problems last year and the end of his marriage, Rush seemed ready for retirement on the golf courses of Southern Florida. Somehow, though, he stormed back. Oddly, he’s the only person alive giving the DNC sound ideas for a comeback. Do you think they’ll listen?

Overrated: Al Qaeda. Bin Laden’s occasional bluster on video tapes can’t be backed up. From the spectacular World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, this organization has fallen far and fast, thanks to George Bush, Tony Blair, the CIA, the FBI, friends in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the strong, noble people of Afghanistan, and, of course, the United States Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy.

Underrated: George W. Bush–again.

Story of the Year: Afghanistan Elections. In October 2001, this country was a hopeless throwback to a horrible era in world history. Only three years later, people risked life and limb to vote in a free, open election. They did this without significant help from the United Nations, about which more in due course. As Afghanistan flourishes, this will become the story of the century.

Babbling Idiot Award: Michael Moore.

Biggest Loss: Ronald Wilson Reagan. We’ve missed him for a decade, and we miss him, still, today.

Picture of the Year: Marion Morrison invented a character named John Wayne. This kid must of have been what the actor had in mind.

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