London Attacked Again

Another cowardly attack on our closest ally’s capital city.

MSNBC reports that Tony Blair has appealed for calm. That seems superfluous in England where the good people showed such commendable fortitude after the last bombs.

Thanks to God, the human toll was much lower this time:

Only one person was reported wounded in Thursday’s blasts, but Blair said the intention of the attacks must have been to kill.

And one of the bombers, this time, may have survived the attack.

Police also said an armed police unit had entered University College hospital. Press Association, the British news agency, said they arrived shortly after an injured person was carried in.

Perhaps they will come away with a live suspect cum convict who will shed light on the terrorist network in England.

Again, as always, our prayers are with our brothers and sisters in England, and we will continue to take pride and lessons from their solid strength.

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