Dear Senator McCain:

_Today the consequences of your un-American and anti-Constitutional Campaign Finance Reform bill reached their totalitarian zenith as the FEC made clear that the people no longer have the right to voice their political beliefs on web logs. _

Since 2000, Senator, you have worked overtime at binding the spirit and body of the American people. You deny us, the people, free speech. You deny us, the people, free movement. You deny us, the people, the freedom other men died to give you in Vietnam. You, of all people, should appreciate this glorious gift our founders and God have given us. Instead, you try to take it away.

I will fight your totalitarian legislation tooth and nail. I have begun by exploring the creation of a Blogger Legal Defense Fund. I will continue to voice my opinion by any means I deem fit, and I will blog from prison if necessary. You have my address–come and stop me.

Please resign from the Senate and give your seat to someone wbo appreciates freedom, understands history, and deserves the high honor of that office.

William T. Hennessy

Update: Michelle Malkin linked to Mike Coffey’s open letter to McCain. Coffey’s letter kills with kindness. I understand that many people have great respect for McCain stemming from his years in a North Vietnamese prison camp. I, too, admire his service. I do not, however, admire him. As I’ve documented on this blog, I once considered McCain-Kerrey (Neb) the perfect presidential match-up. But McCain proved a weak character in his 2000 campaign when he lied about Pat Buchanan over and over again. Buchanan was not McCain’s chief rival–W was. Still, McCain kicked an easy target, a dead horse.

My personal dislike of John McCain prevents me from sucking up to him. Hat’s off to those who can. My friend in Texas backs up my tone:

It’s about time someone nails McCain instead of everyone sucking up to him. (FYI: I dont much like McCain)

Thanks, Michelle.

UPDATE: The American Mind express due resentment toward Messrs McCain and Feingold. I, however, will not move anything off-shore, nor will I anonymatize myself. I gave McCain my address–he can come hunt me down if he wants.
FLASHBACK: My open letter to McCain from April, 2002