It's a Crime Only When Conservatives Do It

Michelle Malkin points out an infuriating story from Louisanna, wherein police sat in their comfy cruising chowing Krispy Kremes and coffee while vandals defaced–no, destroyed–a pro-life monument built by folks with not a lot of money.

“Shortly after 12 a.m. Monday, an LSUPD officer saw five individuals removing crosses from the Parade Ground. LSUPD Maj. Ricky Adams said the officer identified them and ordered them to leave. He said the officer did not arrest the individuals, but the investigation is still on-going…”

Michelle points to the obvious outrage had it been pro-lifers defacing an abortion clinic. Outrage? No. Prosecution under the Racketeering, Influence, and Corrupt Organizations laws.

But a more appropriate comparison might be the destruction of a Martin Luther King display created by sixth graders at a Middle School in East St. Louis.

As with so many things, it’s a crime only if you’re a conservative.

Emily is just back from Washington, if you’re in the mood for more abortion news.