Yet Another UN Sex Scandal

Today’s NY Times reports that Ruud Lubbers—which got me suspended from school in 8th grade—refuses to resign despite mounting evidence that he likes the ladies the way Bob Packwood liked the ladies.

The original complaint was filed on May 5 by a 51-year-old American with 20 years of service at the refugee office who is now an administrator in the human resources department. . . . [H]e pushed against her sexually. The report said that four other women subsequently agreed to be questioned by United Nations investigators but would not make formal complaints because they were afraid of retaliation and humiliation. In that connection, the report said, “Mr. Lubbers abused his authority as high commissioner by his intense, pervasive and intimidating attempts to influence the outcome of this investigation.”

Lubbers maintains his innocence, claiming that all the allegations against him are lies. Kofi Annan, who presides over the most corrupt organization in the world, is said to be seeking legal advice this weekend. He may ask for Lubbers’s resignation, suspend him, or fire him.

The world seems okay with the fact that UN officials encourage Saddam’s mass murder and torture regime by accepting hush money for ten years. Maybe the world will take rape and sexual harassment more seriously.

The Politicker puts it succinctly.

UPDATE: UN Responds to Michelle Malkin’s column on UN Sex Scandal in Congo.