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I started this blog in 2000 on a blogging platform I developed myself and hosted with some company that has since been acquired about fourteen times. (If I’d spent more time developing that platform instead of writing, I’d probably be rich and living on Catalina Island by now.)

I started The Hennessy Report, as it was then called, because I missed writing political commentary. And that’s why I still write.

In between, I called for the first St. Louis Tea Party here on Hennessy’s View on February 21, 2009. The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition grew to be one of the largest and most effective local tea party organizations in the country, including conservative celebrities Jim Hoft (The Gateway Pundit), Ed Martin, Gina Loudon, Michelle Moore, Dana Loesch, Stacy Washington, Van Harvey, Brian Bollman, Ben Evans, and more.

What’s in it for you?

If you read my blog every day, you be armed with information to dazzle your friends and impress your boss. Plus, you’ll be able to predict the future better.

I study many subjects and synthesize knowledge from multiple domains in writing about topics important to my readers.

These domains include theatre, submarining, software engineering, psychology, history, and data analysis. Believe it or not, they are all inseparable, with the possible exception of submarining. (But people like military stories, especially ones about sailors getting thrown into a Scottish jail for getting mouthy with a Bobbie.)

I want my readers to be able to amaze their friends with lateral thinking skills that help them better predict the future.

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