A Solution to the Enemy Combatant Problem

Michelle Malkin points to a story of a released terrorist killed by the US Army in Afghanistan. With the EU, the Red Cross, the UN, and the Democrat Party so concerned about the treatment of people who wish to kill and eat their children, maybe we have a win-win opportunity here.

Why not put the detainees on a plane and fly them to Baghdad. Oh, while we’re at it, let’s implant tracking devices so we know where they are. As soon as they pick up a weapon or converse with known enemies or discuss terrorism, we take them out.

No need to be secretive about it, either. Let everyone know that being within 100 feet of these people carries a high risk of silent death from above.

We kill the terrorists, track the ones who may have reformed, and empty out Guantanamo Bay all in one shot.

I like it.


Abdullah Mehsud, one of 10 enemy combatants released from Guantanamo Bay who had returned to his terrorist ways abroad, reportedly died this week of wounds sustained in a gun battle with Army forces. After his release from U.S. custody, he went back to Pakistan and became a celebrity for kidnapping two Chinese civilians. (Simon World has background.)