FEC Declares First Amendment Unconstitutional

Taking its lead from the Supreme Court, which has recently ruled that the Constitution is un-Constitutional if the European Union says so, the Federal Election Commission, today, declare the First Amendment, while protecting displaying a crucifix in a jar of urine, does not apply to political speech.

Think I’m joking? I’m not. (See PoliPundit and LGF) If the FEC’s proposed rules are adopted, Americans will have to clear their e-mails and blogs with the KGB–that is, the FEC–prior to sending. This is a way to prevent the common people from getting mixed up in politics, leaving the field clear for John McCain’s political action committees to solicit funds from cable television companies.

You see, even Senators don’t make very much money. If The People start picking our leaders, men like John McCain will have to learn to live on the $170,000 his government job pays. But if you outlaw political speech, he can collect hundreds of thousands from big business by channelling it through the 527 organizations his legislation created.

Write the FEC and tell them what you think of their objective of one-lining the First Amendment