From Order Comes Chaos

If you’re bored, go to One by one, click the links to the major news sources. Here’s what you’ll find, in order. I have changed no words.


Reuters NY Times

[Bush: Democracy Taking Hold in Mideast](

[Bill Clinton to Have Scar Tissue Removed](

[Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut](

[Bush Demands Syria Out of Lebanon by May](

[Bill Clinton to Have Follow-Up Surgery](

[Boosted by Huge Rally, Lebanon's Lahoud Meets MPs](

[Huge Pro-Syrian Protest Fills Square and Streets in Beirut](

Bill Tightening Bankruptcy Law Nears Senate Passage
. . .
Bush Vows to Hold Course on Promoting Democracy

This might be the most instructive table I’ve ever seen.

Notice that most of the major news sources place the Terrorist Rally in Beirut third. Also notice that most of the MSPs refer to the rallies as sponsored by Hezbollah. In this pattern, the New York Times stands out–not because it’s the paper of record, but because it’s completely out of touch with reality.

Clearly, the NYT’s headline writer could hardly contain her glee: Huge Pro-Syrian Protest Fills Square and Streets in Beirut

I can see the champaigne corks flying across the room in the NYT Building. Back slapping and promises of raises to undeserving middle managers. “We’ve won!” they shout. “Democracy is overturned. The people want tyranny!”

Here’s the finest example of yellow journalism I’ve seen since . . . well, since the last time I read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

While the anti-Syrian opposition movement has been called the Cedar revolution, a reference to the Lebanese national tree, it has also been called the BMW revolution. Today’s demonstration included far more women with covered heads and men in traditional dress.

That’s right: the people who want Syria out are wealthy, evil bastards just waiting to exploit the poor, downtrodden, devout Muslims who protested today.

As if anticipating this blog entry, the NYT has already changed its headline on My Way, but not the position. The Hezbollah Rally and 300-Meter Free Style Granade Wrestling Championship (fun for all!) is still the TOP STORY, as far as the Grey Lady’s concerned. But Hezbollah’s name now appears in the title.

The people who write for the New York Times hate freedom and democracy as much as Osama bin Laden does. Every bit as much. They may prefer the Stalin model to the Khomeinei model, but they want absolute power in the hands of their political allies. You can almost hear them yelling, “*** Freedom” in the headline. You can see the relative meaninglessness of our own president, as his major speech is in seventh (7th) place on their top 10 list, behind such world-changing stories as a bill tightening banckruptcy law nears passage.

Were this a different era, and men were still men and still settled things in manly ways, I’d invite any writer or editor employed by the NYT to St. Louis for a boxing match. Maybe a dual. But these are gentler times. Only terrorists settle disputes with fists and bullets anymore. And the New York Times loves terrorists.

Luckily, the blogosphere knows what’s real. Matt Margolis covers Bush’s speech on the Middle East, as does Steven Taylor. Outside the Beltway examines a Zogby poll on opinions in Lebanon. And I give you links to McCain’s Hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters notes that Syria, bolstered by the New York Times endorsement, is reinstating its puppet prime minister. Expect violence.