Peaceniks in St. Louis: Much Ado About Nothing

Four hundred people representing more than 1,000 anti-war groups met in St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend. The aim was to define a strategy to get the US out of Iraq before it turns into a success. Among the “luminaries” present: Danny Glover and Tom Hayden.

Fortunately for the causes of freedom, liberty, justice, and common sense, the assembled lefties spend so much time decrying the vote count in Ohio and Michael Crichton’s book, they ran out of time to produce a strategy. Therefore, the people of Iraq are safe Iraqi democracy is safe.

You know, I’ve taken part in some piss-ant “coalitions” in my day, but if there are more than 1,000 organizations dedicated to the same cause in just one country, they’ve got serious management issues. That’s one organization for every Starbucks. Perhaps they’re all sole proprietorships, which would explain the lack of cooperation in St. Louis: they’re in competition for the scant grant money available.

Well, lefties, better luck next war. Perhaps you could do more good for the world by demanding the UN rape squads get out of the Congolese women or the Muslim death squads stop killing Sudanese innocents. But it’s much easier, when you’re a pubic school educated, self-proclaimed philosopher, to steer clear of the complications of map reading required to understand problems in places with real problems by pretending your own country is evil incarnate.

Have safe trip homeless.

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