McGwire's (Nearly) Hall of Fame Career

Here’s a telling quote from St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz:

McGwire was such a disappointment. He showed no guts. If he isn’t going to take a stand and defend himself against steroids accusations in such a highly publicized and open setting, then I no longer feel compelled to give him the benefit of the doubt on this issue. And Tony La Russa and others who have defended McGwire with such vigor are being made to look like fools. Mighty Big Mac struck out, big time, on Capitol Hill.

(Memo to self: do not vote for McGwire when he becomes eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame.)

Each major league city has two sports writers with a Hall of Fame vote. When one of your home town guys votes no, you’re sunk. Mark McGwire won’t make the Hall of Fame, unless the Old-Timers committee is still around after McGwire dies from complications of steroid abuse.

Pete Rose is barred from the Hall because of his conduct AFTER his playing days. Mark McGwire’s set records—noble, towering records—by cheating. His actions damaged the integrity of the game over a critical 8 year stretch. For that, he deserves a place in baseball history along side the Black Sox.

UPDATE: Uncle Jack sees McGwire’s hall of fame hopes disappearing.