Predictions 2005

Last year, I hit about .500 on my predictions using my own, friendly measures. This year, though, is a bit tougher without an election to predict.


The disease outbreak won’t be as bad as the fearmongers at the UN hope. Still, the total human damage from the quakes will reach 200,000–a massive loss of life.

The UN and the Bush Administration will have their final, irreparable falling-out over Bush’s coalition of aid. Bush will divert billions from UN programs into US-led programs for this and other world problems, undermining the United Nations.


In the first quarter, incomes will rise faster than expected, fueling a powerful second quarter. By July first, the major stock indexes will hit my predictions for last year: Dow 12,000, NASDAQ 2,500. By the end of the year, unemployment will stand at 5.1%, the deficit for 2006 will be cut in half from current projections, 1.8 million new jobs will have been created, and the Dow will close 2005 at 13,187. NASDAQ will close at 2,994, just missing the 3,000 mark.


Violence will subside after the elections and after US strikes in Syria wipe out Baath terror bases used to launch incursions into Iraq. By year’s end, US forces in Iraq will drop to 80,000.


He will be caught, but not by the US. Saudi Arabia will capture him and deal with him in the way only they can.


Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl.

No one wins the Stanley Cup. Eight NHL franchises fold in June, prompting the players union to get a clue. The owners and players reach a settlement in August, camps open in September, and the hockey world has something to watch on October 8.

St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series over the New York Yankees 4-2. Albert Pujols named MVP of the season and the series.


Jacko goes to jail, just as I predicted last year, for a lesser offense. Mel Gibson and Michael Crichton team up to make State of Fear.


Environmentalists, sensing loss of popular support for the junk science they need, become increasingly terroristic, targeting the middle class in major urban areas. Terrorist acts will include: releasing zoo animals en masse, destroying SUV and vans in mall parking lots, and blocking relief efforts at natural disasters.

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