The Left on Iraqi Elections

The hatred and anger of those still think Stalin a role model of good national governance earns its own blog entry. Again, I wish I could afford to buy these folks an old, polluting car and a good air-tight garage. They really seem to have exhausted the joy of living.

Yea, this is going to be a great representative government,

With a third of the counrty not voting. A very volitaile third. . .

And the Kurds are going to want to separate. That’s even better.

Only 10% of eligible voters registered and 72% of the registered voters voted. That means merely 7 out of 100 Iraqi people voted. Not impressive. Plus, they are voting for 7,000 unknown candidates. Ridiculous.

I hear that the Iraqis are really electing “a process” rather than candidates to represent them. That’s the latest spin on this lotto draw for a “representative” government. Disgusting.

It’s BOGUS bullshit.

“Turnout” is typically a measure of the number of registered voters who show up to vote. Since this is a standalone two-phase “election,” it’s equivalent to measuring how many people at a restaurant have a main course after their appetizer and calling it ‘repeat customers’. There’s not a single person who registered who didn’t do so with the intention of voting in this one election. It’s not at all like any other country where longtime already-registered voters ‘turnout’. (If we were to measure the number of people who voted among those who registered within 2 months of an election, we’d probably get “turnout” near 80-90%.)

Will anything think less of me if I consider any “news” resports on the Iraqi election to be propaganda bullshit?

When the tsunami first hit the number of dead was placed at 10,000. Something tells me this “official” (Iraqi voting) number is going to do anything but rise over the next several days…God forbid…these people can’t even count their innocent dead, let alone who voted in this sham…

There was NO election in Iraq

That’s the way they see it, folks. I’m not making this up

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