I Used to be the Expert

I’m not a certified apologist or anything, but after 15 years of Catholic education I have a pretty good headful of catechetics. I think the reason I never actually asked my wife to become Catholic was that I enjoyed my position as household expert on the church. My wife is a lot smarter than I am, much better educated, and much dedicated to the things she finds important.

A month and a half ago, she began “thinking” about becoming Catholic. A month ago, she took the first steps with me and her family. Coming from a fundamentalist background, she had some questions about Our Lady and the Pope. I sent her a few links, mostly to www.catholic.com.

Next, we started buying books. Now our coffee table looks like a Catholic bookstore. And yesterday, she bought herself a rosary.

My bizarre and tawdry life has helped bring three souls to the threshold of Catholicism. The Holy Spirit moved me back toward religion. The schismatic priest who married us steered me back to the Holy Mother the Church. My parish pastor is leading back to full communion. Jesus is leading my wife and her children through catechism. The church is gaining three wonderful souls and at least one brilliant mind. I was excited by the elevation of Cardinal Ratzinger but even more by the conversion of this incredible woman.

My blessed Lord, your patience with me has been truly divine. By showing me that I can do nothing without You, I have learned, a little bit, to let you use me. I thought you’d use me to write a great book (wink), but you’ve aparently worked a much greater miracle through me–bringing three people I love into the church I love. But more importantly, You’re bringing them into union with Your, our Father, our Blessed Mother, and Your eternal kingdom.

Thank you, Lord. My debt only grows deeper. Thank you, Saint Faustina, whose diary has meant so much to me over the past three months. Thank you Grandma and Amie whose intervensions I begged. Thank you who have prayed for my special intentions and for the general conversion of souls.