UN Baby Steps in Sudan

Perhaps the UN’s goal in Sudan is to wait until all of the victims are dead. That would make “peace keeping” a heck of a lot easier, wouldn’t it? For that matter, why don’t they take a page from the Terri Schiavo story and supply arms and ammo to the team that’s winning?

Instead, the UN Security Council, yesterday, took the baby step of approving a peace keeping force for the country.

The U.N. Security Council voted to send 10,700 peacekeepers to Sudan to monitor a peace deal ending a 21-year-civil war, but left contentious issues of sanctions and how best to punish war criminals in the Darfur region for later debate.

The unanimous vote on the U.S.-backed resolution creating the United Nations' 17th active peacekeeping mission is the first significant Security Council action on Sudan since a U.N.-backed panel declared in late January that crimes against humanity - but not genocide - occurred in Darfur. (source)

180,000 deaths into this travesty, the UN finally takes SOME action. Whether or not to prosecute the small number of folks responsible for murdering 180,000 people remains to be decided. Apparently, the victims in this case lacked oil contracts for Annan’s kid.

Dean Esmay offers advice for getting the UN off its duff.