Grim Outlook for the Big Easy

There are at least 35,000 refugees fleeing New Orleans. Shep Smith on FoxNews just helped save a five-day-old baby. The infant and her mother had been dropped off of a boat after being rescued from an attic with 12 other people. The baby was burning hot, and Smith had to flag down a police officer to get medical attention. Dramatically, the police and paramedics showed up while Smith was interviewing the people on the air.

The estimates from Louisana’s governor’s office is that New Orleans will be uninhabitable for 4-6. If there is a major chemical or infectious waste problem, the city could be closed even longer.

Think about this: what insurance company would insure another building or life in a city that’s below sea level and beside the sea? I honestly can’t imagine the Big Easy ever becoming a major city again.

These grim possibilities mean we must redouble our efforts. Not only the poor who had nowhere to go during the hurricane, but middle class and other folks will probably need to relocate permanently. There will be no jobs, no hospitals, no schools or colleges. People have to work, they have to live, the have to learn.

This effort is too big and too important to leave to the government. We, the people, must pick up the ball and carry it forward. Let’s see an outpouring of volunteerism, inspired by true Christian charity, that leaves the government with nothing to do and no one to help.

We can make this tragedy a new beginning. Please help.