As you can probably tell from the drastic change to my layout, I am switching from CommunityServer (which you probably know as .Text) to WordPress.


I am a Microsoft Kool-Aid guzzler. As such, I have tried to keep my blog 100% .Net. I worked through the betas and release candidates for CommunityServer. I really wanted to make it work.

Unfortunately, the current version of .Text is not ready for prime time. Trackbacks don’t work most of the time. While the tool might be fine in a heterogeneous .Text world, most of the blogosphere uses other tools.

I chose WordPress because of the wide ranging themes and the ease of configuration.

The switch over is pretty easy. I’ve lost my comments, at least temporarily, but I’m trying to do some sql magic to restore them. Please be patient.

Links from other sites will probably take you to the old site. I will leave that up until I find a way to redirect those links to the appropriate post on the WordPress blog.

Thanks for your patience.