Boston Archdiocese is Way Out There

Providentially, I was listening to Ros Moss on EWTN radio this morning. A man from Boston called in. He was in his late 30s with a family. He was almost in tears over the state of the church.

Specifically, he has fought a losing battle against a pair of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers who distribute Holy Communion in his parish. The pair is a “married” gay male couple. They are openly gay, they carry on public displays of affection in during Mass. The Catholic church states that marriage is a life-long union of one man and one woman, joined by God into one flesh. No other combination is possible. Anyone living in a sexual relationship outside of marriage is in a state of perpetual mortal sin. They shall not receive any sacrament in such a state, except for Annointing of the Sick.

The pastor at his parish appointed the two. Though, by church law, the gay couple cannot receive Communion or Reconciliation, this “priest” lets them hand it out to the “fathful,” most of whom think it just lovely.

Ros’s advice was for the man to inform the Bishop, then get out of that parish. As she said, he owes it to his wife and their children to avoid examples and promotion of mortal sin. Being Christ’s own church, the Catholic church is Satan’s greatest threat on earth, which is why the church is under such attacks from within and without.

This story led me to look at some other problems in the Boston diocese–not the child sex abuse symptoms, but the amoral, anti-Catholic cause. Trying to learn more about that situation, I, instead, found these nuggets.

 * [Boston Archdioces hires prostitution promotion organization to teach sexual education]( This time is about a sex education curriculum it is adopting called "Talking About Touching." The sexually explicit materials are produced by a Seattle-based organization called Committee for Children." This committee's web site lists a time-line of its history. It was originally called "Judicial Advocates for Women" and was founded by Dr. Jennifer James, an Anthropology professor. James is a columnist for the Seattle Times and serves as an advisor to the Committee for Children.
* [John Kerry's church refused to read a letter from the Bishop]( The Paulist Center's congregation includes gay couples, whose adopted children are baptized there, unlike in some other Boston parishes. In November, its leaders refused to read aloud during Mass from a letter opposing gay marriage, as requested by the Massachusetts bishops.
* UPDATE: My wife found this. Boston middle school handing [how how-to-be-gay ]( to students. Lovely, lovely place, isn't it? **WARNING!**The online reprint of this booklet contains very graphic homosexual sex acts for the benefit of Boston pre-teens. Do not click link if children around--unless of course you live in Boston.

And this was the first page of Ask Jeeves. I could have found more, but I want to get this out.

Folks, Boston’s liberalism, the diocese’s lack of discipline, its heretical priests, its anti-Catholic universities all contributed large measures to the sex scandal. Attacking the messenger, in this case Rick Santorum, only prolongs the problem. Until we drive the heretical priests and bishops out of the church and replace them with true believers, the church’s credibility will remain rocky.