St. Patrick's Week Begins!

It’s St. Patrick’s Week–every Irishman’s favorite seven days.

Today, the people who wish they were Irish held a parade in Downtown St. Louis. I didn’t go, of course, because I attend the annual Ancient Order of Hibernian’s Dogtown Parade on the 17th.

The Hennessys meet at West Park and Tamm. Stop by if you’re about. After the parade, we’re making the trek to Ellisville for Matt and Angie Clancy’s fantastic Corned Beef and Cabbage. If you need a place for the Reinforcin' o the Stereotypes, and you don’t want live close to Soulard or Dogtown, Clancy’s has the best St. Pat’s party in West County.


After that, it’s on to the world famous Hennessy St. Patrick’s Celebration at my Uncle Jim and Aunt Eileen’s. It’s invite only, so I can’t give out the address. This party is about 35 years in the running. Uncle Jim pumps out sing-along songs on the player piano, accompanied by a trombone and any other instruments people happen to bring. In the garage, the younger crowd smokes and drinks and laughs and breaks, occasionally, into song.

The Hennessy St. Pat’s party is special. This time every year, I thank God I’m Irish and a Hennessy. Come Thursday, there’s not a better combination on the planet, but I wouldn’t turn down the winning Power Ball numbers, either.

Oh, and Hennessy’s View has declare this Thursday, March 17, an official holiday. You may skip work so long as you use the time wisely.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn’s St. Patrick’s message.