Jay Anderson illuminates a blood-boiler involving Viacom and Mother Teresa. (The fact that so many anti-theists so despise a woman who did nothing but good her entire life should tell us a lot about these people.)

Penn and Teller aired a show in which they called Mother Teresa a “f*ing ct.” The Catholic League protested. Viacom promised to never air the episode again.

But Viacom’s president, Sumner Redstone, wanted the last word. Mr. Anderson quotes Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League:

“Redstone’s letter reeks with arrogance. Showtime, he says, ‘frequently airs programs with controversial, differing points of view.’ So we are supposed to believe that calling nuns ‘f—ing c—s’ is just a ‘differing point of view.’ When he says that ‘we as an organization are committed to artistic freedom,’ Redstone is being deceitful: CBS is a Viacom holding and CBS refuses to air the reruns of ‘Amos and Andy.’

I wish entertainment executives would learn that heaven isn’t such a bad place and getting there might not be so terrible. But if it’s not their cup of tea, at least they could stop trying to discourage others.