Fox News: Indictment in Plot to Assassinate Bush

Read it hear here. (I can’t spell.) Of course, the liberal MSM will make this punk into a hero overnight. Watch.,2933,148338,00.html

LaShawn Barber nails it

According to Fox News, over 100 supporters of this cretin packed the courtroom and mocked the proceedings. This raises a few questions, namely, did we place electronic surveillance instruments on them as they were leaving, and did we scan their faces for links to al Qaeda?

OTB wonders what our education system taught them. Perhaps the same thing it taught the Future Terrorists of American in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: Geez, did I upset this charming fellow. His prescient conclusion? “Yeah that ten year Hessian insurgency was a real drag. And the way Mexico got all their guys into key points of power to make the U.S.A. a theocracy? I see your point.”

I really need to stop arguing with clairvoyants.

According to Mark Kilmer, the thug idiot faces 80 years in jail.

UPDATE: I told you so. And MSNBC. And CBS News with his nugget:

At least now the young man knows what charges he faces; knows (for the most part) what rules will apply in his case; and knows that his fate ultimately will be decided by a federal judge and jury. That’s a far cry from living at the whim of Saudi intelligence officers. It’s a far cry from having to guess at the evidence against you; and it’s a far cry from wondering whether your fingernails are going to be ripped off you again after they have grown back.

Poor little fella. And some lefties call me a tool for merely suggesting that the MSM might crown this punk Victim of the Year.