Planned Parenthood Diverting Katrina Relief Money

The people at Planned Parenthood are the kinds of cowards who give cowardice a bad name.

Dawn Eden demonstrated, today, how Planned Parenthood tried to divert money for Katrina Relief into their own abortion mills. Now, if you’re eugenicist, racist, baby-killer like those who run and support and profit from Planned Parenthood, then the their logic will make sense:

a) Most of the really, really brutalized victims of Katrina we saw on television were poor blacks; b) if there weren’t so darn many poor blacks, the hurricane’s effect would have been far less catastrophic; therefore, c) if we prevent poor blacks from breeding, we will avoid future Katrinas.

So, as Dawn tried to show us, Planned Parenthood begged people to give money to them, with which to kill poor black babies before the cord is cut and civil rights take hold, instead of giving money to organizations that might clothe, feed, house, and transport poor blacks, thus encouraging them to breed more of their kind. How is Planned Parenthood promising to help the victims? “Women and families escaped the storm with their lives, leaving behind birth control.”

Of course. (Beltway Traffic Jam)

I say that Dawn “tried” to show us, because, as they usually do, once the light of truth shines upon their racist, murderous ambitions, Planned Parenthood moved the plea from page one to page 3 of their site.

Over and over again, the cowardly folks at Planned Parenthood have tried run away from their own principles when the public caught wind of their schemes. Now, if we could only convince the federal government to stop financing this neo-Nazi death squad, we might have the money and the moral authority to fix some of the problems that mire so many blacks in poverty. And killing them under the “science” of eugenics isn’t the right answer.

And would someone please point out to that talentless, babbling idiot Kanye West that it’s not the National Guard and Bush trying to kill all the African-Americans they see–it’s NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Update: Sickeningly, even Planned Parenthood’s ignorant minions are begging for money. I feel so sorry for poor Sarah who has to give to Planned Parenthood, as she thinks it’s at least as important as food and shelter. Do these women even know they’re bigots?

Update II: Tom at Donegal Express and Beth at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy have more.

And poor Sarah responded to my post on her site:

My post never implied that Planned Parenthood was doing anything but what they are doing. It says clearly, as does the Planned Parenthood website I linked to, that they are donating birth control and emergency contraception.

You may not consider birth control important. But if I lost my job, my home and all my belongings, and was dependent on charity for all my needs, I’d be grateful to someone who would give me a month of free birth control.

I think accusing Planned Parenthood of “padding their pockets” because they are donating one of their primary services is a bit disingenuous. If a vet donatd free kennel services to the pets of refugees, would you accuse them of exploiting the disaster?

My response: First, perhaps if you’ve just lost every material possession you once had, you should keep your pants on. The aftermath of catastrophe is not a great time to fornicate.