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Children go missing all the time.  Every incident takes a bit of life out of normal people.  But there's something about this little girl's smile that absolutely tears me apart inside.  Maybe something about her eyes reminds me of my late daughter. I don't know. 

Anyway, I pray that she is unharmed–physically and psychologically.  Logically, I know the odds are really, really low, but, God, I pray  for most naive hope.

And if she’s not, I hope the horrible freak who would stoop to visit any harm to such a beautiful little girl meets a fate worse than any psychopathic torture junky could dream up. 

UPDATE:  from FoxNews

Despite heavy rain and a tornado watch, nearly 540 volunteers turned out to comb the rural community of 2,300 people, about 60 miles north of Tampa (search).

But she’s still not home where she belongs, and I’m still praying she gets home soon.  God bless her.