AARP in the Crosshairs

It’s about time. Joe Gandelman points out that the people who brought you the Swift Vets are taking aim on the AARP—a corrupt, leftist organization committed to stealing from the young and giving to the old whilst limiting freedom for everyone and outlawing cell phones.

I despise the AARP and everything it stands for, particularly its blogroll. (Find it yourself—I’m not providing a link to the wealthy old bastards.)

UPDATE: The spineless weasels took down their Blogroll. It’s not there. Even a search of their site will not find it. I e-mailed the org, asking why they took it down–like they’ll ever answer me. Organized Old People are just as dangerous as organized crime.

UPDATE: Well, I apologize. USA Next’s first attempt at attacking AARP was misguided, inappropriate, offensive, and counterproductive. They’d have accomplished more by sending AARP a $100,000 donation. Dean Esmay has a good description.