Another Senate Hypocrite In Trouble

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Senator John McCain, the Keating Five escapee who put his name on a bill intended to destroy the First Amendment, has been caught with his hand in the till.

According to the Associated Press, one of the few organizations that stands to gain politically under McCain-Feingold, the Senator and former POW pressed for pricing changes on behalf of Cablevision while soliciting $200,000 from Cablevision for one of McCain’s tax-exempt political action committees, The Reform Institute.

McCain’s assistance in 2003 and 2004 was sandwiched around two donations of $100,000 each from Cablevision to The Reform Institute, the tax-exempt group that touts McCain’s views and has showcased him at events since his unsuccessful 2000 presidential campaign.

Teddy Kennedy praises Bush’s foreign policy, Syria backs up in Lebanon, Michelle Malkin posts a hot new photo, the BTK killer is depressed, Robert Byrd is proven a hypocrite, Ward Churchill’s life’s in shambles, and, now, the AP is taking down John McCain–looks like Ronald Reagan’s finished his in-processing in Heaven and has gotten down to business.

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