What Condi Said

In an increasingly famous interview, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described herself as a “mildly pro-choice Republican.” But the pro-abortion folks would have to describe her as anti-abortion.

2008 run, abortion engage her politically - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - March 12, 2005

_“And prayer is very important to me and a belief that if you ask for it, you will be guided. Now, that doesn’t mean that I think that God will tell me what to do on, you know, the Iran nuclear problem. _

Overall, I found nothing in her comments that would stop me from supporting her candidacy. In fact, the interview made her more impressive. She’s the real deal, comfortable in her own skin, willing to state her views on matters that can sink or float a candidate.

The bandwagon deck seems more accessible all the time.

Guesting on Dean’s World, Joe Gandelman provides an in-depth examination of Hillary vs. Condi in ‘08