The Sickening Dutch

Is there a more depraved place in the West than Holland? Their pediatricians condone the murder of newborns. (Thanks to Mark Noonan.)

I remember back in the early days of the Roe v. Wade wars when pro-lifers would use the term “slippery slope” and liberals would laugh their rears off at our moronic fear that euthenasia and assisted suicide and the whole plethora of eugenics would soon follow.

Well, liberals: we were right. Either you were wrong, or you’re evil incarnate intentionally sliding the scale of acceptable murder to satisfy your bizarre bloodthirst. You get the feeling that 30 years from now, Timothy McVeigh will be hailed as a hero with the pro-abortion crowd. By killing all those kids in the daycare center, he spared the kids from the horrors of life.