David Corn Calls Howard Dean Dumb, Stupid, . . .

David Corn, the guy who’s just to the left of DemocraticUnderground, blogged today on Howard Dean, and it’s must reading. Except for snivelling about health care and the usual mantra of socialist causes, I could have written the piece.

Basically, Corn says what we already know: Howard Dean is his own worst enemy, and, as DNC chairman, is turning into his party’s worst enemy. Specifially, Corn responds to Dean’s recent announcement that people are afraid to call themselves Democrats because “it’s not socially acceptable to be a Democrat.”

No need for analysis. The beauty is just reading Corn’s shots as bullets, so here we go . . .

  • This is the defeatist talk–or dumb talk.

  • he [Dean] came with too much baggage

  • [Dean] might jump the rails (rhetorically) too often

  • he [Dean] made a stupid crack

  • Was he [Dean] indicating that when he thinks of hotel workers he thinks of black and brown people?

  • it is not a bright thing to say [that being Democrat is socially unacceptable]

  • It does make the party seem marginal and out-of-step with real America

  • This comment also sounds like whining.

  • Dean is coming out, in these early innings, a bit shaky

So before you start saying it’s ridiculous to call a medical doctor stupid, remember two things: First, he is not a doctor of democracy or of politics. In political speech, Howard Dean is an idiot. Second, one of the left-est political commentators in America refers to Dean’s remarks as “defeatist”, “dumb”, “stupid”, “not . . . bright”, and “whining.” So, I’d have to say not alone on this.

Nod to Instapundit.

BTW, I know I write about Dean and Churchill a lot, but people seem to like it. Those two subjects, plus the UN, get twice as many page views as all my other stuff put together.