Live Blogging Schiavo Press Conference

The family of Terri Schiavo is holdin a press conference.

Mrs. Schindler: Governor Bush, you can save our daughter.

Mr. Schindler: This is judicial tyranny. They are determined to kill my daughter. Governor Bush can stop this with the stroke of a pen. They put Terri through a week of hell. I implore him to put a stop to this. This is judicial homocide, and he has to stop he. He kind hide behind a political agenda.

End of press conference

Sean Hannity: We are awaiting one more court decision brought before Judge Greer that Terri did indicate five days ago her desire to live.

Terri’s expression of desire to live was to, I believe, a speech pathologist who was brought into the last week. (

According to an emergency motion filed late Friday afternoon, attorney Barbara Weller said that during a hospice visit on March 18, she asked Schiavo pointedly what her wishes were. Weller directed Schiavo to say the words, “I want to live.”

In response, Weller claimed Schiavo attempted to speak, and managed to get out the first two vowel sounds, “ahhh” and “waaa.” Weller said Schiavo became very agitated and could not finish the sentence. Two other people were in the room and witnessed the exchange, Weller said.

Judge Greer reportedly asked why the family waited 5 days to release this information. Terri’s brother said their lawyer had the information some time ago. Why he didn’t inform the court earlier is not known.

Other end of life news. Cheryl Ford, RN, on BlogsForTerri


  • 11th cir. court turned down latest appeal

  • Awaing Judge Greer ruling on Terri’s desire to live expressed before witnesses other than family

  • FoxNews will interview witness who has testified that Michael Schiavo repeatedly expressed no knowledge of Terri’s life-support preferences over the past 8 years.

David Boies, a Florida attorney who represented Al Gore in the 2000 election fiasco, said the 11th Circuit should have ordered a de novo hearing based on the law passed by Congress. All you armchair Supreme Court lawyers out there can now shut up. When Al Gore’s lawyer says that Congress was within its rights to order a court to take a specifica action, rest assured that Congress was acting Constitutionally.

Further, Boies says the Florida legislature should have passed legislation that allows any family member to administer life-sustaining food or water to any person. Such a law would give the family power to save Terri’s life.