Abortionists for Birth Defects

In Illinois, quickly becoming the most leftist state in the union, Planned Parenthood and other infanticide supporters, are pushing a bill through the state’s legislature that will make it more difficult for pregnant women to obtain ultrasounds, according to the _Illinois Leader _via Jack Lewis.


Because seeing a picture of an unborn child tends to turn women against whimsical murder–the chief form of amusement for Planned Parenthood.

Michelle Malkin quotes Bryan Preston:

It’s hard to see an ultrasound and remain pro-choice. Once you see that your potentially aborted wad of tissues has fingers, toes, eyes and a nose and all the rest it becomes a person in your mind, and that makes you less likely to become one of Margaret Sanger’s company’s customers.

This is an old Soviet trick to win over the hearts and minds of non-believers. You remember, don’t you, when the Kremlin, faced with widespread and persistent toilet paper shortages, outlawed toilet paper?

Since Blagojevich became Illinois’s governor, the state has gone berserk in pursuit of the Culture of Death. Recently, Blagohevich signed an emergency bill that specifically violates numerous state laws in order to force Catholic pharmacists to assist in abortions. The pharmacists have sued to stop him. Illinois is also pushing to fund embryonic stem and tissue research.

(All of this inspired a little parody of an old Tom Lehrer parody. )

If you care about the health of children, oppose this legislation by contacting the Illinois General Assembly.